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We are all endowed by our Creator with the essential rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Actualization.

Alex Chung's book, Highest Success

I am Alex Chung.
Dad, husband, et al.

I used to be a hoarder of accomplishments. But I’m not what you’d call an overachieving Asian (sorry Mom and Dad). I mean, from a credentials standpoint, you could say I did alright. I own a Juris Doctorate in a frame somewhere (my reason to move to California). I’m a licensed attorney (the only way I could stay there). A nationally certified firearms instructor (just to see if I could). A published author (thanks for buying, fam). Corporate executive (I hate collared shirts). Entrepreneur (ever hear of the Internet? Gonna be big). Even a marketer (do you even brand, bro?).

Truth is, I was and am blessed, to have dream job after dream job, only to wake up realizing time and time again, they just were not for me.


Because I wasn’t being true. I hit my limit of growth in every past path because I was on them for the wrong reasons. Salaries. Car allowances. Expense accounts. Corner offices. Power. Titles. Titles. Titles (check out this business card, though). Sure, my parents were proud but I was breaking out in my 30s from wearing the wrong type of clothing (dress shirts make my neck itch).

So I got out. I konmaried it. Thanked it for its time and sent it on its way. Again and again. I got out. I got free. But then what?

Eventually, and it took a long time, I found my in.

My favorite titles are Dad and Husband. The realest me is the true me. Absent titles, and at my core, I’m just a Korean guy who lifts weights, believes in infinite progress, and puts his family first (not in that order). I’m a hustler from New York City, a dude from Northern California, and a man softened and hardened by the Midwest (and one memorable year in the South).

All of that to say, there is so much more say. How about you? What would you put here?

I wish I could tell you I have it all figured out, but I have to be real.

I can only tell you what I learned. My truths. I know my all-ins. And besides the obvious ones, I have a big dream called Actualization, and it is coming true. If you want to know more, keep on reading. If not, this is where we part.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

Play the Long Game

Be your best.
Get even better.
Give it all away.

What's your one big thing? For me, this is it: Actualization. What's it all about? It's about getting better. About leveling up. About turning potential you into kinetic You with a capital Y. I'm still building it (I'll forever be building it) and I need your help. You can see the work in progress here:

As iron sharpens iron,
so one person
sharpens another.

An accountable and self-policing tribe of strivers leading in areas all along the digital and analog spectrums. Not a mastermind alliance, but the grandmastermind alliance. Learn more at


I got this feeling. Inside my bones. It goes electric wavy when I turn it on.

Leader first.
Dad always.
A new standard.

I am a LeaderDad. This project is about combining leadership in business with heading your household. To answer the question: Can you succeed in having a great business and still have a family that loves, honors, and respects you? Not only is it possible, but it's the only true definition of success. Find out more at

American Dream.
Having it all.
Wealth beyond riches.

I wrote a book. It's a time capsule from the season when I finally started to get it. And I wrote it all down. It's called Highest Success. and you can find it at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.