Infinite Progress

Alex Chung

We are all endowed by our Creator with the essential rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Actualization.

Hey, I'm Alex Chung.
Dad, husband, et al.

Welcome to my eponymous abode. Here you'll find treasures and trinkets pulled from my lifelong pursuit of actualization.

I'm obsessed with vocation. Callings. The hero's journey. In the doing with all your might of the things you were born to do.

I've been a small part of some of the best of the best companies in the world. As a corporate attorney, I worked in Menlo Park with a law firm named the best in Silicon Valley for high growth companies. I've been director of an economic development nonprofit named the best company to work for in America. And I was vice president for an international mixed martial arts brand (if you're an old school UFC fan, you know and love us).

And what have I learned? That there's so much to learn. That progress, or sweet, sweet growth, is infinite.

I've learned being a parent is the most important thing in my world. And I've been contemplating how best to lead my family. How to best leave a legacy. As a result, I'm mixing work and play. Duty and pleasure. Making them one.

If you believe life is more than a series of snapshots people unironically call "social media moments," that it's more than just a pursuit of happiness (because we ain't happy with happy), then you might want to reach out.

I'm building a brotherhood, or humanhood, and if any of this is resonating, you've probably been looking for us your entire life. So take a look around. Choose your own adventure. And start making dents.

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Be your best.
Get even better.
Give it all away.

Revolutions start with whispers. I silently started something that might help you on your journey. It's about being the best of the best. The tip of the spear. The true 1%. Find out more: Actualization.

"As iron sharpens iron,
so one person sharpens another."
- Proverbs 27:17

A peer-reviewed social network of thought leaders across the digital and analog spectrums. Not a mastermind alliance, but the grandmastermind alliance. Learn more at

Attract the just.
Repel the unjust.
Change the reality.

The field is everything.

Leader first.
Dad always.
A new standard.

This project is about combining leadership in business with heading your household. To answer the question: Can you succeed in having a great business and still have a family that loves, honors, and respects you? We believe that not only is it possible, but that it's the only true definition of success. Find out more at

American Dream.
Having it all.
Wealth beyond riches.

I wrote a book. It's a time capsule from one of my favorite seasons in life. It's called Highest Success. and you can find it at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.