Origin Story


Alex Chung is a believer, husband, and father. He must write, read, and be kinetic. In Alex’s pursuit of the old American Dream, he tried on many vocations including Silicon Valley venture capital attorney, Midwest economic developer, and Bay Area executive. None quite fit. He rediscovered his truest self as an author, entrepreneur and student of personal magnetism, but continues to view himself as a work in progress.

He lives with and for his wife, Colette, and together they created a baby boy they named happy and blessed, because the boy made them so. And somewhere out there, in the American South, they are living a new kind of dream.

He wrote Highest Success, available now on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Latest Thoughts

Putting the Person Back into Personal Magnetism

Is making eye contact with your phone the new way to gaze into someone’s eyes? Has the smartphone become the […]

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Grains of Salt, Alex Chung

Grain of Salt, or How to Take Your Criticism

Criticism is a grain of salt. So take it with it. Much like our delicious sodium friend, it can enhance […]

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Writing was never hard for me until I tried to make it something I had to do, rather than something […]

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I’m furrowed. Because I want to feign seriousness. Solemnity. It’s the face of a comedian trying not to rush through […]

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Personal Magnetism

I believe in personal magnetism. In that “know it when you see it” quality of a person to magnetically charge […]

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Life By A Thousand Cuts

Why is it, when you swing with all your might, with everything you’ve got, with 100% strength, you end up […]

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