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When are you at your most beautiful?

Actualization is the Meaning of Life

Floor It

The more you do, the more you can do. The world record for consecutive pushups is not one hundred. It's not even a thousand. It's over ten thousand. You, your body, your mind and your soul, can do and be far more than you believe possible.

Make a Call

Your life is defined by the number and quality of your choices. Left or right? Growth or fear? North or south?

Call Your Shot

The biggest idea is to approach life with an inventor's heart. Experiment. Tinker. "Fail" 10,000 times to get to that one big success. Bat .200 but hit bombs.

Be All You Can Be

Who we can be, we must be. Who are you? Who must you be? And how do you plan on making it reality?

Live the Good Life

What does success look like to you? Are you chasing the right goals? Are they making you happy?